Ambuja Refined Palmolein

Ambuja refined palmolein is derived from palm oil imported from Malaysia and Indonesia. Palmolein, the liquid, more unsaturated fraction separated from palm oil, after crystallization by winterization at a controlled temperature. The olein consists of more homogeneous mixture of triglycerides and has properties and uses, which are different from original palm oil.


Ambuja refined palmolein is a transparent, clear, low in colour, bland taste & odour and passes the international cold test.


Ambuja refined palmolein is rich in oleic and linoleic acids.


Ambuja refined palmolein is the best for human consumption best as a cooking oil, salad oil and frying media with high keeping quality of the products.


Ambuja refined palmolein can be used for making vanaspati, various bakery shortening and interesterified fats.

III It can be used for blending with refined soyabean oil, refined groundnut oil, refined sunflower oil and can be sold as cheaper commodity 'Blended Vegetable Cooking Oil' in the packed form.
IV Ambuja refined palmolein can be used in the food products industries.
Ambuja  Refined Palm Olein  Specification
Parameters Specifications
FFA % (As Oleic Acid) 0.15% Max.
Color in 1" cell 10 Units Max.
Moisture & Volatile matter 0.10% Max.
Iodine Value 54-62
Per Oxide Value Mg./Kg. 5.00 Max.
Packing Available - 15 Liters  Tins, 15 Liters HDPE Jars, 5 Liters Jars, 2 Liters Jars, 1 Liter PET Bottles, 1 Liter Pouch Packs.
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