Rapeseed Lecithin

Ambuja Rapeseed Lecithin Used As An Emulsifier, Wetting agent, Dispersing agents,Antispattering agents, Mixing & Blending agent, Release agent, Lipotropic Surface Active agent and as an Emollient and Anti-oxidant.

Ambuja Rapeseed Lecithin is used as a release agent for Plastic, a dispersing agent in paints and inks,
antisludge additive in motor lubricants, an antigumming agent in gasoline, or an emulsifier, spearding agent, and antioxidant in the textile and rubber industries.

Ambuja Rapeseed Lecithin is also used in coatings (paints, magnetic tape coatings,waxes, polishes, wood coatings), glass and ceramic processing, paper and printing,masonry and asphalt products, petroleum industry, metal processing, pesticides,adhesives, leathers Industries and also used in poultry feed, aqua feed & animal feeds.

Rapeseed Lecithin Typical Specification

Chemical Analysis



Moisture Of Volatile

1.00 %Max.

Acetone Insoluble

55 - 58 % Min

Hexane Insoluble

1% Max.

Acid value

30 mgKOH / g Max.

Colour (Gander Scale)

13 Max.

Peroxide value

5.00 Max.

Customized specification can also be achieved

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