Maize Starch Foods and Pharmaceuticals

Maize Starch is a widely used ingredient of several products of food and pharma industry. It's carbohydrate content has high purity, low protein and ash contents making it compatible with several products of these industries.

Good binding capacity results in its use as a good filler and binder in tablets. It is also a vital additive of most of the adhesives due to these properties. In slurry, it provides body to the food products. It also helps in retaining the viscosity of foods. Besides this, it is an excellent filler in cosmetics by virtue of its smoothness in dry form.


A pharmacist uses starch as a tablet binder in excepient. He also uses it as a disintegrating agent in the dispersible tablets which are becoming more popular by virtue of their speed of  action.

II Starch is compatible with the excepients used to form matrix in the sustained release formulations which have a better compliance of the patient. Starch is compatible with both matrix diffusion and matrix erosion excepients.
III Starch makes its presence felt in household products such as KETCHUP'S, ICECREAMS, CAKES, BISCUITS, CHOCOLATES, WAFERS, ETC. Starch is a vital ingredient of fast foods.
Ambuja Starch Food Typical Specifications
Property Maize Starch
Appearance  White Powder
Odour Odourless
PH(10%ag. slurry) 4.5-6.5
Particle size:no Retention at 100 mesh 
Moisture% 10% Max
Starch content on dry basis 98% Min
Total Ash on DB  0.15% Max
Cold water solubility 0.25% Max
Viscosity(Redwood v iscometer No1, 3% paste at 75 c} 36-38 sec 
Protein content Viscosity by BFV at 20rpm,5% paste cooked at 75c for 30 min. 0.6% Max
Black particles ---
Customized specification can also be achieved 
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