Ambuja Castor Oil First Special Grade (FSG)

Ambuja Castor Oil First Special Grade (FSG) finds application in a wide variety of uses and is the starting material for most other derivatives of castor oil.

As an ingredient in pharmaceutical and cosmetic applications

In combinations with styrene and diisocynates for a film forming Varnish or a substantially insoluble infusible polymer

As lubricant component of coatings for vitamin and mineral Tablets.

As an ingredient for petroleum oil-field de-emulsification

As capacitor impregnate

As a sonar transducer fluid

As a dielectric material for electrical condensers

In manufacture of polyurethane casting resins

In hydraulic fluids for automobiles, trucks and machinery


Ambuja Castor Oil First Special Grade (FSG) Typical Specification 




Pale Yellow Visous Clear Liquid

Moisture & Volatile

0.25% Max





F.F.A (as oleic)

0.80% Max

Acid Value

1.60 Max

Refractive Index @ 40 Deg.C

1.470 to 1.473

Relative density @30 Deg C

0.954 to 0.960 gm/ml

Saponification Value

183 to 185

Unsopanification Matter

0.5% Max

Hydroxyl Value

160 t0 163

Iodine Value

82 to 90


Soluble in Alcohol Ether and Ether Alcohol 

Optical Rotation

+/- 3.5 Deg.

Colour on Lovibond Scale 1" cell

Yellow 2.0 Max & Red 0.3 Max

Please Note: Customized specification can also be achieved

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