Ambuja Biscuit Flour
Ambuja Biscuit Flour is obtained or selected from different streams of flour, depending on ash and protein content of the stream.

Ambuja Biscuit Flour is manufactured from the good quality cleaned wheat after the series of operations of cleaning and conditioning of the wheat seeds, followed by milling, purification and sifting operations in the flour mill. It is white in color and contains harsh Gluten.

Ambuja Biscuit Flour has received wide acceptability and is now demanded and preferred by almost all leading biscuit manufacturers and food product industries.

It is preferred because -
  • It is having optimum extensibility.
  • Yields good quality biscuits.
  • It is granularity, particle size, which plays important role in rate of hydration of flour and WAP.
  • It is having an optimum baking test.
Ambuja Biscuit Flour Typical Specifications
Parameters Specifications
Moisture 12%
Protein 10% Min.
Gluten 8.5 to 10% Min.
Total Ash max 04% Max.
Alcoholic Acidity max 0.10%
Fibre 04%
Water Absorption min 55%
Customized specification can also be achieved
Packing Available - 50Kgs HDPE & 90Kgs HDPE /Jute Bags.
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